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JEAN MARIE PIE CLARET, BORN 1805 IMPORTANT, MAGNIFICENT BOX FROM THE ES- TATE OF JAMES DE ROTHSCHILD, A GIFT FOR THE BIRTH OF ALFRED CHARLES DE ROTHSCHILD, 1842 PARIS Height: 51 cm. Length: 62 cm. Depth: 50 cm. The escutcheon is inscribed with the name of the manufacturer and designer “PARIS 1842 / J. N. CLAR- ET - ARCH. / INVt & DELINEAVIT”. Ivory, gilt bronze and lapis lazuli. The magnificent, high-quality artisan masterpiece is one of the best examples of 19th century France. The design already shows highest artistic refinement with the box appearing to float over the open-work base. The top part and the corners of the lid are set with gilt scrollwork, interspersed with a silver cartouche with applied monogram “AC” in ligature with a gilt scrollwork surround (for Alfred Charles de Rothschild). The lock mechanism is highly refined: a small leaf node at the centre of the central rosette can be pulled out, which triggers the unlocking mechanism. The escutcheon in the shape of a rectangular brass inlay is inscribed with the name of the manufacturer and designer: “PARIS 1842 / J. N. CLARET - ARCH. / INVt & DELINEAVIT”. Claret was an architect and decorator of the Rothschild family. Apart from projects at the Château de Pegny he was also active at the Palais des James de Rothschild at the Rue Lafitte. Notes: The box is obviously a gift for the birth of Alfred Charles de Rothschild (20 July 1842-1918). His monogram can be found, as described above, on the cartouche of the lid surmounted by a baron´s crown. Alfred Charles was the son of Lionel (1808-1879) and of Charlotte de Rothschild (1819-1884). He was the fourth of the five children and, as most of the family members, became involved in financial policy. He is also well known for his generosity and for his support of the poor. The artisan quality of the box goes hand in hand with the diverse and highly sophisticated furnishing of the Rothschild Palais, from where the box originates, namely the Hôtel de la Rue Lafitte des James de Rothschild (1792- 1868). Literature: P. Prevost-Marcilhacy, Romantic Paris, 1815-1848: L'Hôtel James de Rothschild, a Paris, un lieu emblématique, pp. 405-407, cat. no. 577, full page ill. p. 407. A. Muhlstein, James de Rothschild, Paris, Gallimard, 1981. P. Prevost-Marcilhacy, Les Rothschild bâttisseurs et mécènes, Flammarion, Paris 1995. Duchesse de Dino, Chronique de 1831-1862, Paris, Plon-Nourrit et Cie. 1909-1910, plate II, p. 26. Exhibitions: Paris Romantique 1815-1848, Musée de la vie romantique - Petit Palais; Musée Des Beaux-Arts De La Ville De Paris, Paris, France, 22.02.2019-15.09.2019. Export restrictions outside the EU. € 110.000 - € 150.000 Sistrix INFO | BID 106 HAMPEL ONLINE Visit for around 6,500 additional images.