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Die Max Liebermann Auktion

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Die Sammlung Hans-Georg Karg - Bedeutende Werke von Max Liebermann


MAX LIEBERMANN BIOGRAPHY © Ullstein Max Liebermann, born on 20 July, 1847 in Berlin, was the son of a wealthy jewish textile factory owner. 1859 his father Louis Liebermann purchased the house „Pariser Platz Nr. 7“. Already as pupil he took drawing lessons at Eduard Holbein and Carl Steffeck. 1868 he inscribed at the Academy of Arts at Weimar. 1872 the bigger painting, „Women plucking gooses“, was spectacular. 1878 Max Liebermann moved to Munich and became acquainted with the artists circle of Wilhelm Leibl. The result was a livelong friendship with Leibl. Max Liebermann used his sketches he had made during his stays in the Netherlands in his studio in Munich. At the Salon of Paris he had great success. 1884 Max Liebermann returned to his hometown Berlin where he married Martha. At the end of the 19 th century he started collecting paintings of the French Impressionists. 1910 Max Liebermann moved to his summerhouse at Wannsee. The park-like garden supplied him many motives for numerous paintings. After World War One he was president of the Prussian Academy of Arts for several years. 1933 that he retired as honordrary president when the National Socialists took over the state. Max Liebermann lived the last years before his death withdrawn in Berlin, where he deceased on 8 February 1935. 1874 Max Liebermann went to Paris and to Barbizon. It was in Barbizon that he turned his interest to live and work of people living on the countryside. Paintings like „Harvesting potatoes“ were under that influence. Until 1914 he spent several weeks in the Netherlands per year and painted rural themes. 1897 Max Liebermann was estimated at Berlin, too. 1898 he was elected chairman of the lately founded Berlin Secession. Together with Lovis Corinth and Max Slevogt he founded the „German Impressionism“. Since that time he did not paint the world of poor people any more, but preferred the world of the higher class.

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Die Max Liebermann Auktion